Cosplay reference – Street Artist

We are celebrating Ubisoft Forward and the announcement of Watch Dogs: Legion this week and to inspire our creative community we are sharing two cosplay guides from characters of the game with you. This article features the Street Artist and you can find our guide for one of DeadSec’s leaders Sabine here. When you travel through London in Watch Dogs: Legion you will recognize that our teams put a lot of love, time and care into crafting murals and graffiti which themselves were inspired by the street style and graffiti communities in the real-world London.

To apply the same spirit to our characters we took inspiration from that culture and aligned the underlying clothing from our “street style” pool of fashion. It’s matched with cool breather mask, backpack to carry their supplies in and gloves to keep their hands clean when delivering their messages to the world. Street styles in Watch Dogs: Legion offer the most eclectic of colour hues and patterns that the team immediately recognized as a perfect match for this character role. We pull in Alternative, Estate Kid looks, Grime Hip Hop, Afro Punk and Geek Core styles so we'd get an eclectic range of characters for this role that matches the nature of the street arts you will discover in our version of London.

Find the Cosplay reference guide for the Street Artist here.

[WDL][06142020][Street Artist] [Street Artist Poster]

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