Watch Dogs 2 Tumblr – Sitara’s DedSec Hackerspace – Roundup 4

11/03/2016 10:00 AM

In our last roundup, Sitara infiltrated the Illuminati Club in San Francisco and delivered a swift round of justice to one of its more corrupt members. However, she’s not done yet. Investigation into the Illuminati Club brought a more sinister group to light: New Dawn. DedSec has a new target, and Sitara won’t stop until she’s taken them down.

After a bit of digging, Sitara discovers that New Dawn’s got bigger plans than expected:


Looks like New Dawn is getting a bunch of wealthy new members of the church in exchange for the TIDIS expansion. Wealthy new members who make big donations. Man, it’s schemes within schemes with these Illuminazi !@#$!@#$.

WTF. I thought I was just gonna find a story of corporate corruption, not religious zealotry.

New Dawn has a bunch of people in the government, turns out. Not big name politicians, but the little guys who actually run s#*!. Make decisions. Do paperwork. Lose paperwork… when it’s convenient.

Seems that the environmental report that’s part of the TIDIS proposal got lost somewhere along the way. It’s checked off as being there and being clear, but good luck finding the actual thing.

I’ve been trying to figure out New Dawn’s angle, and it’s subtle. But it’s there. If you go back in government records for the last 10-20 years, you’ll find New Dawn slowly sticking its fingers in everything. Repaving roads and getting rid of potholes (you remember that, right? That was a major big deal). Retrofitting the southern branch of the Oakland Library. Funding youth theatre programs. Seriously. New Dawn is trying to take over San Francisco.

It sounds cray-cray, I know. But I intercepted one of Dane’s phone calls with his wife. They’re trying to make San Francisco their own little fiefdom. If they get the money (Silicon Valley) and the politicians behind them, they figure they can do whatever they want. And they’re not wrong.

More digging shows that rival hacker group Prime_Eight may have ties with New Dawn:


Have you heard some of the nonsense WKZ is spouting about the community center and how generous TIDIS is, how giving back to the community is their mandate? Not a whisper of New Dawn, aside from the interviews with Dane, who they’re only talking about as a philanthropist. They have to be getting kickbacks for all this good press.

New Dawn is way more clever than I thought. It looks like they’ve hired hacker groups in the past to erase their digital footprint. Some of the work I don’t recognize, but some of what I’m finding stinks of Prime_Eight’s work. God, they annoy the hell out of me. And taking money from corrupt businessmen is exactly the sort of thing Lenni and her monkeys would do.

At first glance, the new community center funded by TIDIS appears to be a good thing; but if New Dawn is involved, corruption can’t be far:


So I set my boys on tracking down more on TIDIS’ expansion. Let me tell you, you need something found, you ask my man Josh. Thorough, brilliant. Awkward as hell, but he knows his stuff. He was able to find studies proving the expansion is dangerous. TIDIS hasn’t cleaned up their waste… which means they’re pouring pollutants into the local area. Or, they will be once this expansion goes through. We’re talking the kind of thing that makes kids sick, increases risks of cancer. Serious !@#$.

Wrench, on the other hand, found a bunch of under the table deals with contractors for the expansion. Phone records talking about cutting corners and how to get it past the government inspectors. Paying off Health & Safety to say that the plant poses “no health risks to the local population.” His suggestion was smoke bombing the Health & Safety office, but I think that was more about getting to make things go boom than actually fixing the problem.

We have lost environmental reports, shady contractors, bribes to government officials… The whole deal. They’re getting approvals for construction that should be taking a lot longer, meanwhile the plans to modernize the hospitals are stuck in bureaucratic limbo, because of bribes. And everywhere you look, there’s another Illuminazi helping out with investments in the expansion, bribes, connections to local politicians. And at the heart of it, New Dawn is pulling the strings.

Revenge is sweet:

Hah! Take that! Remember our buddy Johnny over at Blume? Racist jerk who tried to ruin a kid’s life because the boy dared to ask out his lily-white daughter? Helped a fellow Illuminazi stalk the man’s ex-wife? Yeah. Johnny just handed in his resignation.

Seems someone tipped off the ex-wife. Sent her copies of the photos and reports Johnny was getting on her. Plus print outs of emails in which Johnny foolishly incriminated himself (remember kids, nothing on the internet is secure).

Someone also deleted all his blackmail material. Including the police report he was using to force an innocent woman to remove her son from school and move. And you know, someone also made sure to tip off a scholarship committee looking for deserving young students from Oakland about this kid, so now he’s getting all his college applications and test fees covered. It’s not a huge amount of money, but it’s still money that can be hard to scrape up for a working class single parent.

Oh, and guess what happened as a total unexpected bonus? Johnny’s daughter found out about him trying to get rid of her prom date, exploded at her dad, moved in with her mother, and posted a lovely pic of her and her beau as her new profile pic.

An ode to Josh:

I gotta say, Josh has been a life saver lately. Hell, the guy always has my back. (And I know you’re totally going to get embarrassed and not know what to say when you see this post, Josh, but all you have to do is keep being you. Okay?)

So, DedSec picked up Josh a few years ago. He was doing his own independent hacker thing, and we were worried he was gonna get caught. Now, Josh is really low key, and definitely on the socially awkward side. But once you know how to talk to him, bam. He’s amazing. He’s become my go to guy for the really tough stuff. Boy is thorough, methodical.

He’s had some of his own troubles thanks to ctOS and their tracking system.

See, Josh is considered neuro-atypical. Special needs. Honestly, a ton of people in Silicon Valley fit that definition. But the way he got tagged in the system has been hurting his chances at good jobs. Probably because he’s not rich enough or connected enough to pay anybody off. Which is so far beyond stupid I don’t even have the words to express what a total waste that is. Any of these tech companies would be lucky to have him. Guess it’s DedSec’s benefit that they’re so short-sighted, but I hate that Josh gets the short end of the stick.

It’s another case where that stupid ctOS profiler has actually been counterproductive.

A lot of people misread Josh, and they think he’s dull or dumb because he doesn’t catch things like sarcasm or social cues very well. If you’re patient, though, and pay attention, you realize how seriously brilliant he is. I was the one to recruit him into DedSec, so he’s like my kid brother. Mess with him, and I’ll pound your face in. Got it?


Josh, Sitara and Wrench prepare to serve justice:

My boys are awesome! Between me and Wrench and Josh, we have almost everything we need to take down TIDIS’ expansion plan. I’ll keep y’all posted the next couple days.

When TIDIS goes down, so will a handful of corrupt politicians:


We followed the money trail, and oh did we find a pile of !Q@#$! at the end!

Now, I know my way around cleaning up the almighty dollar, you might say. So I put out word with my usual contacts and got back a ton of info. You want to know who’s involved in funding the TIDIS Community Center? Who’s expecting big bucks from the TIDIS plant expansion? I have a list of politicos, CEOs, VCs, and a former police chief. That list is going out to a host of different news stations (not WKZ, since they’re in on the whole deal).

This is a two birds one stone kinda situation. Or a dozen birds, really. Most of these guys have been on our radar for a while, and now we have the cold, hard, proof to take ‘em down. Ratio’s buddy at Health & Safety came through with that environmental report (the real one).

My favorite? The former police chief. We always knew he was corrupt, and it got even worse after he retired from the force to become a “security consultant” for Blume on their crime prediction software. I’m hoping we’ll be able to discredit him and Blume enough to get this software revamped or closed down (long shot on the latter, I know). I sure as hell have proof now that the dude’s a racist jerk. I have him on record saying that he doesn’t care if the plant causes illness in the nearby community, because they’re all black and Hispanic anyway. Seriously. He’s at the level of mustache twirling villainy.

Get ready:

!#@$ is about to hit the fan. Watch the skies, friends.

Operation: Takedown TIDIS – Success:


Bam! Did you see that? Lighting up the news stations up and down the coast! Filling the airwaves…. That’s freedom, my friends. Because truth will set you free. Just like it’s freed Oakland from TIDIS’ greedy grasp.

That’s right. The plant expansion has been closed down. There are a whole bunch of PR departments scrambling to save their bosses from getting tarred on this one. I do not envy them one bit.

Now, the plant has been shut down but they’re still on the hook for the community center. Win-win for Oakland. Back to normal. Well, normal for Oakland.

Thanks to my boy, Josh, for making the magic work and digging up the Health and Safety reports. Thanks to Ratio for getting us the hardcopy and driving the getaway car.

Thanks to Wrench for keeping us laughing, picking locks, and blowing shit up so we could make our escape (not all of DedSec’s ops are digital, we had to do some actual breaking and entering on this one).

And thanks to you, the people. For giving us a reason to fight.

You have the truth, do what you will.

For live updates and content from Sitara, you can follow her DedSec Hackerspace Tumblr blog directly (please note that it is in English only).

As always, feel free to create your own DedSec-inspired art and messages using our DEDSEC_DESIGNS kits and share them with us using hashtags #DedSecCreations or #JoinDedSec.

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