Mine Your Selfies for Data with Watch_Dogs 2 Selfie Reveal

11/03/2016 10:30 AM

What does your selfie say about you? We're not talking about your personality, necessarily, but about the data that marketers, financial institutions, and other entities can collect just by analyzing a photo of your face. What does your expression tell them about your emotional state? How does your location factor into their assessment of you? Now's your chance to find out.

Watch_Dogs 2 Selfie Reveal uses multiple image-analysis APIs to reveal how you look through the eyes of data miners. Upload the selfie of your choice, and the site will comb through it for details and show you the results. What will you learn about yourself? More importantly, what do the people analyzing your photos learn about you every day?

Your selfies are only the tip of the proverbial iceberg that is the emergent Internet of Things. While Selfie Reveal shows you one way your information is being used against you, your fitness trackers, online-enabled cars and smart-home devices can make it easier than ever for corporations and hackers to track your movements and intrude into your reality. Technologies like this are part of the inspiration behind Watch_Dogs 2, in which similar algorithms were used to accuse protagonist Marcus Holloway of a crime he didn't commit. You'll be able to bend these technologies to your own ends when Watch_Dogs 2 arrives on consoles November 15 (and on PC November 29).


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