Watch Dogs 2 Now Available

11/15/2016 08:00 AM

The San Francisco Bay Area of Watch Dogs 2 is a huge open world filled with beautiful landmarks, unique neighborhoods, and numerous sinister forces using data to secretly exert control over citizens – and it can all be yours, now that Watch Dogs 2 has arrived on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Sunnier and more expansive than the first Watch Dogs, Watch Dogs 2 offers up an immense hacker's playground filled with devices to manipulate and secrets to uncover. As you explore the world and take on the game's multi-part story arcs – each of which is focused on taking down a different menacing entity – you'll unlock new and more powerful hacking techniques that let you remote-control cars, climb up to the rooftops using scissor lifts, and even give every vehicle a permanent turbo boost. You'll command drones and wield 3D-printed weaponry as you outwit crime syndicates and corporate security teams.

You'll even be able to meet up with other players in your game world, at which point you'll have the option to team up to tackle co-op missions. Sharing the world is a totally optional feature, as well as a double-edged sword; not only will you be open to Hacking Invasions, in which you'll need to chase down the player hacking you before they can escape, but if you attract enough police attention, you may trigger a Bounty Hunter activity. In this mode, up to three other players can assist the police in hunting you down, and you'll get a score bonus for each of these players you can take out before escaping.

Watch Dogs 2 is now available in stores or as a digital download on consoles (with PS4 Pro support included in the PlayStation 4 version), and is coming to PC November 29. There's a big world out there just waiting to be messed with, so get hacking.


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