Watch Dogs 2 Tumblr - Sitara’s DedSec Hackerspace - Roundup 5

11/29/2016 05:00 PM

In our last roundup, Sitara and the DedSec crew had initiated their biggest hack yet: a very public takedown of the corrupt organization TIDIS. Now they’re putting all their focus on taking down the last big target: New Dawn.

TIDIS is down, next up on DedSec’s radar is New Dawn and some Illuminati Club members:

The wicked witch (TIDIS) is dead. All is well. Time to track down those leads we unearthed during this search.
We’ve got some info on New Dawn that has the potential to blow them sky high. We actually managed to pull information on a bunch of Illuminazis thanks to this op. I’m thinking there’s gonna be another leak to the press soon… Just need a few more pieces of the puzzle.

For a brief period, Sitara’s Tumblr was hacked and taken over by rival hacker group, Prime_Eight. Looks like DedSec’s got another target:


DedSec’s servers were hacked. You know this.

Prime_Eight was the culprit. You also know this.

Prime_Eight wiped out our research on the Illuminazis, on New Dawn, on everything.

The info we already sent to the news channels is out there. It’s all the other data we were gathering…. And we were so close. So close!

Prime_Eight doesn’t do this sort of #@$!$ on their own. They’re not that smart. Someone hired them. And I know who I’d put my money on…

Excuse me while I go yell expletives for the next hour or two.

Prime_Eight tried to wipe out Sitara’s hard work, but failed:

We’re back.

Still slightly screwed, but back… thanks to the Wayback Machine, I still have everything from the blog. The data from our investigations… that’s another story. But. DedSec is still here, and nobody is gonna silence our voice.

And Sitara discovers the truth:

Lesson — never bet against me. I said I knew who my money was on… and I was right.

Josh tracked Prime_Eight’s payment for hacking us, and it lead to a Blume employee. A Blume employee who is also a member of @#$!W#$@$#% New Dawn.

We got too close to something big… But you know what this means, right? It means we double our efforts and start digging deeper. They just painted a target on their backs by telling us they had something to hide.

So, a message for our corporate friends at Blume and our cultist friends at New Dawn:

You thought you stopped us, but we’re just getting started.

For live updates and content from Sitara, you can follow her DedSec Hackerspace Tumblr blog directly (please note that it is in English only).

As always, feel free to create your own DedSec-inspired art and messages using our DEDSEC_DESIGNS kits and share them with us using hashtags #DedSecCreations or #JoinDedSec.

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