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Everything You Need to Know About Watch_Dogs 2 Leaderboards

12/05/2016 10:00 AM

In Watch_Dogs 2, we’ve introduced a new Leaderboards system which is accessible through your in-game smartphone after completing the objective in the “Walk In the Park” mission. The Leaderboards App will appear on the second page of the smartphone.


Here are the top 10 things you need to know about Leaderboards in Watch_Dogs 2

1. Each Leaderboard Season lasts three (3) weeks, or 21 days. At the start of each new Season, the scores are wiped and every player begins at the Recruit rank again.

SEASON 1 dates:


SEASON 2 dates:


SEASON 3 dates:


SEASON 4 dates:

2. In the Leaderboards App, you will see that there are three (3) types of leaderboards:
  • Co-op missions
  • Hacking Invasions
  • Bounty Hunter missions
3. You earn points toward the Leaderboards by completing these online activities. Even if you lose a match, you will still earn points. Playing any of these three activities will generate a score for their respective leaderboards.

4. If you quit or disconnect before the end of the match, you will receive zero points, but the player who remains in the match will still receive points – so always finish out your match!

5. There are six (6) divisions for each online activity’s Leaderboards. From highest to lowest, they are:

1. Master
2. Diamond
3. Gold
4. Silver
5. Bronze
6. Recruit

6. Each of these divisions (except for Recruit and Master) is then split into five (5) additional divisions, with 5 being the highest rank and 1 being the lowest (Bronze 1 < Bronze 2 < Bronze 3 < Bronze 4 < Bronze 5; Gold 1 < Gold 2 … < Gold 5, etc.
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7. You cannot lose a rank in a division on the Leaderboards. Once you have earned a rank, you will always be that rank until the Season ends.

8. Rewards earned from your division in the Leaderboard will automatically be added to your in-game wardrobe at the end of a Season.
Disclaimer:There is currently a bug in the Leaderboards where the rewards of Season 1 will not be given to players at the end of the season, as designed. This is a bug that we will be fixing in the upcoming Patch 1.07. Players of Season 1 will be receiving their rewards on the date of this patch, which is aimed to release in mid-December. So instead of players of Season 1 getting their rewards at the end of Season 1 (Dec .5th), they will be getting their rewards in mid-December when the patch is out. So Season 1 players, do not fret! As you will get your rewards, just a little later than usual due to this bug.
9. There are two (2) rewards to earn each Season. The first is essentially a participation reward – play a few multiplayer matches and you’re bound to reach Silver rank to unlock it. The next reward is the second piece of the set – you want to attain Gold rank or higher to earn this item. These are exclusive items that can only be earned by playing multiplayer online activities. These items are themed sets alternating between hacking culture and real-life events.

SEASON 1 Reward:


SEASON 2 Reward:

10. You can compare your division to your friends and challenge them to online activities directly from the Leaderboards app in-game. The rewards are uniquely-themed by Seasons. So once you get that Season’s reward, you won’t be able to get it again in another Season.

Open the Leaderboards app on the second page in your in-game smartphone to check out the rankings of you and your friends for each online activity!

As always, share your best multiplayer moments with us @watchdogsgame or on our Reddit.

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