12/19/2016 12:00 PM

The T-Bone Chaos Challenge is upon us! Starting today, December 19th, the community team has planned some exciting in-game challenges where players will be able to earn unique rewards like a new car and a bag skin for Marcus.
How does it work? Every week, for four weeks, players will be able to take part in a T-Bone themed challenge to earn rewards like in-game cash, a car skin and a bag skin. Each challenge takes place from Monday to Sunday and everyone can participate to earn these rewards - it’s totally free. The first challenge takes place from now until Sunday, Dec 25th – and the reward is a sweet T-Bone inspired car skin that would make Ray Kenney proud.
These challenges use the same Ubisoft Club challenges system - only thing different is that these challenges are themed around the T-Bone Content Bundle DLC releasing on December 20nd on PS4 and January 24th on Xbox One and PC.
Here is the schedule for the T-Bone Chaos Challenges and their associated rewards:


First challenge is on now! So what are you waiting for? Go out there and cause some chaos!
Be sure to share your best gameplay moments on Twitter by tweeting us (@watchdogsgame) and also sharing them on Reddit ( We want to see some epic videos and screenshots coming out of these challenges. Who knows, we may even end up doing a contest for the best gameplay videos and screenshots from the T-Bone Chaos Challenges. So go out there, get creative, and show us what you got!


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