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UbiWorkshop Rolls Out New Watch Dogs 2 Gear and Merchandise

01/04/2017 10:00 AM

Now that Watch Dogs 2 is available on all platforms, you may find that you want to dress like master hacker Marcus Holloway, or that you have a newfound love of DedSec's aesthetic style. Maybe you even want to spruce up your personal hackerspace with a detailed statue of Marcus or Wrench? Whatever the case, you'll want to check out UbiWorkshop, which has rolled out a collection of new Watch Dogs 2 gear, fit for cosplay or just showing your allegiance to DedSec.


If you're putting together a Marcus costume, you'll find high-quality replicas of the clothing he wears at the beginning of Watch Dogs 2, including his reversible blue jacket, his DedSec cap and T-shirt, his identity-concealing scarf, and even his messenger bag and pins. While you're there, you can also grab a hoodie patterned with Sitara's DedSec propaganda, a DedSec dress shirt, or a retro-styled grim reaper hoodie previously available only to members of the Watch Dogs 2 dev team.


Finally, collectors can get their hands on statuettes of Wrench and Marcus that stand 24 cm tall (just over 9.4 inches) and can be fitted together at the base. (In fact, buying them together gets you a 10% discount on both.) Produced in cooperation with Ubicollectibles, both statues are intricately accurate representations of the characters, right down to the interchangeable goggles you can use to switch out Wrench's expressions. To check out the full collection, click here and start shopping.



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