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Watch_Dogs 2 Online Event: Survival Bounties and Leaderboards Boost

01/12/2017 12:00 PM

Our first Online Event weekend will take place January 13th-15th, giving you a chance to play a temporarily altered multiplayer experience and get a boost in the Leaderboards! Online Events will continue to happen regularly, changing various aspects of a multiplayer experience for a weekend, and rewarding you for participating.

In our first Online Event, “Survival Bounties”, vehicle health for bounty targets will be reduced in Bounty Hunter gameplay. This means that there’s very little chance for escape and your objective as the target will be to fend off as many cops and bounty hunters as you can for a big bonus. Get out of your cars and get out of the open as soon as possible once a bounty is placed on you.

Bounty targets will receive a 50% leaderboard point boost for participating, and bounty hunters will receive a 25% boost.


Leaderboard Season 3 rewards currently up for grabs

Survival Bounties will change the following Bounty Hunter parameters for this weekend only:*

  • Damage to vehicles from cops, hunters, and vehicle collisions will be increased.
  • Damage to vehicles from cops or hunters using sniper weapons will be increased.
  • Now cops will be even more accurate with their shots with an improved cop-accuracy modifier.
  • Extra damage dealt to vehicles by cops will occur at further distances. Now cops don’t need to get close-up to deal massive amounts of damage.
  • Vehicle ramming damage between players will be increased. Watch out for those head-on collisions!

*Players will have to relaunch the game in order to have the settings of the Survival Bounties event applied to their game on Friday.

So hit the streets of San Francisco, hackers, and cause some mayhem!

- Watch_Dogs 2 Community Team

* Please note that there is no “opt-in” mechanic for these events. Anyone playing online will experience the effects of these tweaks. If you’d prefer to not have these mechanics tweaked, simply disable the corresponding online mode for that period of time. However, these effects only last for a weekend (Friday - Sunday), so it’s worth giving it a try! *


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