Watch_Dogs 2: February Community Activities

02/15/2017 12:00 PM

Hey hackers – February is an exciting month for us, as we’ve got plenty of community activities planned for you. Check back here for updates and to get more information and details on certain events or at @watchdogsgame. Without further ado, here’s what we have in store for you: 

Spoiler Stream (Feb 16th – 1 PM EST): Our next DLC, “Human Conditions,” will be available on PlayStation 4 February 21st and for Xbox One and PC users a month after. In our spoiler stream, we’ll be checking out some of the new objectives and coop challenges. Join us at twitch.tv/ubisoft for a sneak peek and a chance to win some prizes! 

Close Encounters (Feb 17th-19th): Hacking is about to get even riskier. For this weekend, we've made some changes to Online Invasions. The hacking radius is smaller, and the time to pull of the hack is shorter. You'll have to pick a decent hiding spot to pull off a successful hack. Hackers will get a 25% leaderboard point boost for participating, and targets will receive a 10% boost. 


Watch_Dogs 2 Screenshot Chaos Contest #WD2ChaosContest (Feb 20th)– The winner from last month’s #WD2ChaosContest will be announced on Monday, February 20th. Follow us at @watchdogsgame to find out if you’re the lucky winner. 

Most Wanted Livestream (Feb 23rd): Our second monthly Most Wanted stream kicks off on Thursday, February 23rd! In these streams, Comdevs Hanny and Chase will invite a few special guests to become the “Most Wanted” bounties – and the community’s job is to hunt them down in-game. There will also be raffles to win some sweet Watch_Dogs 2 gear from UbiWorkshop, codes, and more! We’ll be making further announcements about our Most Wanted stream at our Twitter @watchdogsgame. 

Human Conditions Event Challenges (Starts Feb. 27th) – Get hyped for our upcoming Human Conditions DLC with two new Ubisoft Club challenges, the first starting February 27th. The first challenge, “Kill it With Fire,” tasks you with neutralizing ten gang members with explosions. Do this, and earn the exclusive Human Conditions Event bag and, next month, the Human Conditions Event Car Skin. You do not need to have the DLC to participate in this event! 


Leaderboards Reset (Starts Feb. 27th): Season 6 begins Monday, February 27th – all Leaderboards will be reset and new rewards will be added. This Season’s rewards? Check out the “Sad and Lonely” sweater and fisherman’s hat! 


Capture an epic moment from one of these events? Share your best videos and screenshots at our reddit /r/watch_dogs or @watchdogsgame!

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