Watch_Dogs 2: Human Condition DLC

02/16/2017 09:00 AM

The Watch Dogs 2 Human Conditions DLC is now available on all platforms!

In Human Conditions, biotech takes center stage as players will uncover three story-driven DedSec Operations set within the vibrant city of San Francisco, investigate a disturbing gang conflict in co-op with new Elite co-op challenges, and face a new enemy type with enhanced tech, the Jammer. The pack contains more than 5 hours of new content and challenges to enrich the overall game experience.

The three new DedSec Operations introduce some of the Bay’s most outrageous scientific and technological storylines:

  • “Automata” revolves around Nudle’s new smart car, the CyruX, which uses biometric data both as a security measure and to adapt itself to the driver. But is that really all it does with users’ personal information? DedSec sees the potential for abuse right away and sets out to expose it.
  • “Bad Medicine” follows the trail of a dangerous ransomware that has crippled the city’s hospitals; as Marcus and his crew dig deeper to stop this menace, they will cross paths with deadly hitman Jordi Chin to form an unlikely alliance against the Russian mafia.
  • “Caustic Progress” unveils a strange new company called RenSense who is experimenting with dangerous nanotech on the Bay Area's homeless. It has caught the attention of bio-hacker Lenni who claims that their mobile clinics for the homeless hide very troubling human experiments. With her help, DedSec sets out to stop this madness.

Additionally, new Elite co-op challenges will enhance the co-op experience and test players’ stealth and combat skills. Elite co-op challenges will require the completion of various objectives in multiple locations with bigger layouts and a couple of surprises to spice things up.


Players will also be confronted with a new enemy type, the Jammer, a deadly opponent carrying an anti-hacking device disabling all hacking options in a radius around him. DedSec members must carefully adapt their strategy to deal with this exceptional threat, temporarily disabling his device from afar or manually turning it off after taking the Jammer down.


How will Human Conditions build upon the main story of Watch_Dogs 2?

Ethan: These operations fit snugly into the middle of the main story where DedSec has upped its game and is looking to tackle more (h)acktivist issues. They’re picking targets that will help them not only gain followers and positive press, but also to fight back against abusive technology. With that said, you will need to have met a couple of the key players in your game before you can dive into these.

What kind of enemy is DedSec up against this time?

Ethan: The stories here will primarily put you up against several corporations and their high-tech security as well as the Bratva (Russian Mafia).

Watch Dogs 2 takes a hard look at the social and political ramifications of new technology and big data – how does this new DLC investigate these topics even further?

Ethan: In Human Conditions, we wanted to expand upon the themes found in the Main Operations, so we chose to look at different ways tech can directly impact the human body, whether it’s through experimental nanotechnology, the life and death decisions of AI-driven vehicles, or the extreme vulnerability of our aging medical systems. As we did with the main game’s operations, we wanted to make sure these were all currently relevant themes and threats and we hope they will get some discussion going.
Great progress has already been made in the nanotech field, but we know there will be a human cost. As with any treatment, it will need guinea pigs to work out the kinks before it’s deemed safe. Who will they be? What risks will they accept? How many shortcuts will be taken?
Self-driving cars are already out there, but there are major hiccups. Does AI have the ability to make a near-instant decision to swerve and spare the life of a pedestrian while killing the driver? What rules will it follow? Who decides the value of each human’s life? How secure will it be?
Hospitals have already paid criminal ransomware demands to unlock their hacked computers and to protect their patients. As our critical medical care relies more and more on secure technology in a field that can’t afford to keep it current, will we see more and more casualties? If the hospitals do give in to demands, aren’t they just sending the message that ransomware is a lucrative business?

What do you think fans will be most surprised by in the story?

Ethan: The characters. Fans of either Watch_Dogs games should find plenty of surprises here and some really fun character moments. I want to say more but I don’t want to spoil anything! It’s a really fun experience overall!

Raymond “T-Bone” Kenney shows up in Watch_Dogs 2 to help DedSec find their purpose. What impact will Jordi have now that he’s being thrown into the mix?

Ethan: Jordi is a creature of chaos and he brings that with him. I think it’s pretty clear he’s never going to get a membership badge, but his goals may temporarily align with theirs. They just need to stay out of his scope sight.

What’s most exciting about having old characters interact with the new ones?

Ethan: By the time you’re bringing back old characters in a new game, you know everything about them. You know the mannerisms by heart. You know the actors behind them and can write to their strengths. These are your tested (and approved!) building blocks. Bringing them face to face with new characters is going to help you continue to refine the newcomers. What does it take for somebody to stand up to T-Bone? To Jordi? When we brought back Ray, we already knew how he would react to each DedSec member and had a good idea what he could bring out in them. The fans probably did too.

What new gameplay elements are being introduced in Human Conditions?

Fabian: In Human Conditions, we wanted to build and expand upon what made Watch_Dogs 2 such a great game with many new gameplay opportunities that players can experiment with.

Our team had a lot of fun expanding on a variety of well-established mechanics like drone navigation, net hack or VR puzzles and really bringing them to the next level!

We don’t want to spoil too much, but you can expect a lot of dynamic and action-packed missions!

Are we adding new co-op missions or just upping the difficulty?

Fabian: The Elite COOP challenge is brand new harder missions that was designed to be a lot more challenging. In this new challenge, DedSec is trying to learn more about, and stop, a new group of hacker called Hooks. They are making deals with criminal groups all across the bay, and they are packing a punch!
Unlike regular coop missions, they take place in much larger parts of the world, blurring the lines between the open world and the mission area.
They also combine multiple objective spread throughout several zones, bringing over 10 new mission objective combinations for these areas and over 30 new locations!
They will also include the new enemy archetype, the Jammer.
They are compatible with our Guest mode, which allow the DLC owner to invite a non DLC owner to join Elite missions (and mayhem) for free.

What was the main design intention behind adding the Jammer enemy archetype?

Fabian: The Jammer is a new enemy archetype that wears a new device that can deactivates all hackable objects and hacking opportunities in a limited range around him.
>We felt that it would be interesting to enrich the player experience with a new mechanic that forces him to adapt his playstyle dynamically. When there is a Jammer around, you really need to quickly adapt and change your strategy. Of course, Marcus has different ways to counter the Jammer, but I’ll let you discover them by yourself!

Are you expending the map or adding new to the world in this DLC? If so, does this mean the online community will be split?

Fabian: We are not expanding the map per se, but we’re adding and updating tons of new locations within it for our players to discover. You will be able to find new interiors, like tech companies and corporate HQs, but also revamped and updated areas from the main game like a new medical mobile clinic, a homeless camp or a massive yacht (named Tachanka) in the middle of the bay! There is definitely a lot of new locations to explore!
We also wanted to make sure these changes would not split our community by tying them to the DLC! All of the new locations will be accessible to all players through the title update.

How did feedback on the base game influence the content and design of this DLC?

Fabian: We’re always listening to the community in order to create a better experience. For example, we know some of our players felt the missions in Watch_Dogs 2 did not have enough checkpoints and this is something that has been addressed in our new DedSec operations. It makes for a less punishing experience. We’re constantly updating the game outside of DLC releases, and you can read about changes and improvements in the Patch Notes posted on our website.


When does the Human Conditions DLC take place? After or before the events of the main game?

The events in Human Conditions could be occurring during or after the main narrative of Watch_Dogs 2, but is not directly related to the main plot. Our narrative structure allows us to easily introduce additional DedSec operations in an organic and natural way with their own thematic and storyline, from beginning to end. DedSec is still picking targets that will help them not only gain followers and positive press, but also to fight back against abusive technology
Fabian Salomon, Producer

Are you still playing as Marcus, and if so, does all your progress carry over?

Yes! In Human Conditions, you are still playing as Marcus. You also keep all the same skills and resources that you unlocked in the main game, and can continue to upgrade and customize Marcus as you go.
Fabian Salomon, Producer

Is Human Conditions stand-alone content, or do you need the main game to play it?

You need to own Watch_Dogs 2 to play Human Conditions.
Fabian Salomon, Producer

Do you need to complete the main game to play Human Conditions?

The three (3) new DedSec Operations in Human Conditions will be unlocked individually as you progress in the main game. You will discover them organically, just like operations from the main game!
The Caustic Progress mission will be unlocked once the “Hacker Wars” mission has been completed.
The Bad Medicine mission will be unlocked once the “W4Tched”, “Eye for an Eye” and “Hacker Wars” missions have all been completed. Finally, Automata will be unlocked once the “Limp Nudle” mission has been completed.
Of course, if you have already completed the main game, all missions in Human Conditions will be available to you once you download it!
Fabian Salomon, Producer

How long is this new DLC?

Humans Conditions is a lengthy expansion! Over 5 hours will be necessary to complete the three (3) new DedSec Operations. In addition to this, our new Elite COOP challenge offers endless replayability with new COOP missions for the best hackers in town. These new COOP missions also come with their own narrative envelope, so expect even more playtime to cover everything that Human Conditions has to offer!
Fabian Salomon, Producer

What type of new content can players expect?

With Human Conditions comes three (3) new DedSec Operations with their own narrative, thematic and rewards. We are also introducing a new Elite COOP challenge. It’s a new COOP mode for the best hacker out there, and really pushes challenges for players!
Fabian Salomon, Producer

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