Human Conditions DLC
Launch day Accolades
Patch 1.08

Latest patch introduces replay missions feature, balancing updates to hacking invasions, lots of bug fixes, and more._read more

Watch_Dogs 2 Join Dedsec

Join Dedsec today to learn more about Watch Dogs 2 and hacking, and earn in-game and prize rewards. _Learn More



“Hack-in” Online Event

DedSec has discovered a new backdoor that allows for quicker Hacking Invasion downloads and easier escapes.

03/24/201709:00 AM

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WD2 Most Wanted Stream #3 (Thursday, March 23, 2017 )

Special guests PixelMonkey and The Nevercat will be joining us this Thursday for the Most Wanted livestream, going HAM with some Bounty Hunter gameplay.

02/21/201712:00 PM

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Watch Dogs 2 Screenshot Contest Winners & Honorable Mentions - #WD2ChaosContest

Check out the winners, runner-ups, and some honorable mentions of our screenshot contest.

02/27/201712:24 PM

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/ Game Info

The establishment is exploiting technology to silently amplify its control over you. Using the skills and anonymity of hackers, ignite the rebel in you, and break the rules. For the lulz, for what’s right, and most importantly, because you can.

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3 Nov

Watch Dogs 2 Tumblr – Sitara’s DedSec Hackerspace – Roundup 4

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5 Dec

Leaderboards season 2 starts today

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13 Dec

Patch Notes: Title Update 1.08

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15 Dec

Watch Dogs 2 On Sale Through Dec 27

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19 Dec


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12 Jan

Watch_Dogs 2 Online Event: Survival Bounties and Leaderboards Boost

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19 Jan

Watch Dogs 2 On Sale Through Jan 25

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16 Feb

Human Conditions Spoiler Live Stream

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21 Feb

Watch_Dogs 2: Human Condition DLC

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23 Feb

Most Wanted Livestream #2

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23 March

Most Wanted Livestream #3

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24 March

“Hack-In” Online Event through March 26th