Title Update 1.17 Bug Fix Patch

08/03/2017 12:00 PM

With this next patch we are focused on remaining bugs, particularly for 4 player party mode and coop. This update will be coming to PC first, with console following shortly a week later. See the outline below for details on the update.

While we do not foresee releasing any additional title updates after this patch, we will continue to be present in the community and are keeping a watchful eye over the game!

Leaderboard seasons will also continue on and will reset in November. This will offer the chance to earn any clothing rewards items you may have missed in the last year!


  • Fixed exploit where a bounty event is automatically completed when entering Marin HQ tunnel.
  • Fixed situation where mission objective could become desynced after join in progress for Man Vs Machine.
  • Dedsec NPCs will no longer multiply when a party member leaves an online session and rejoins inside the Hackerspace.
  • Fixed cases where fast travel to another player would stop working.
  • Fixed an issue where a player would be unable to move after dying in Showd0wn.


  • Fixed issue where the second hunter was not always teleported to a bounty target.
  • Fixed an issue where coop hunters could be disconnected from each other when Bounty is completed.
  • Fixed issue of players not always being engaged to the Loot Truck event when joining through the menu.
  • Fixed cases where Loot Truck event could suddenly end and players are disconnected from co-op session.
  • During a hacking invasion, fixed cases where co-op party was disbanded.
  • Update fix to the infinite “Connecting” message in certain circumstances.


  • [PC] Fixed issue where Marcus was unable to exit certain vehicles when parked near a wall.

UPDATE: We'd like to clarify that in this patch we also closed a loophole where PC mods could be used in online modes. Mods can still be used freely while playing offline with EasyAntiCheat disabled. This has been the policy since launch, as a way of balancing support for player creativity while also safeguarding a positive and fair online multiplayer experience.

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Title Update 1.17 Bug Fix Patch

With this next patch we are focused on remaining bugs, particularly for 4 player party mode and coop.

08/03/201712:00 PM

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